Attack the story like a radiant suicide, utter the great NO to life without weakness…’
H.P. Lovecraft

Our Ethos

At Radiant Attack, we strive to seek out new and emerging voices that tell stories with great conviction. We don’t care if you’re writing about orcs or aliens, a new planet or our own. We want you to attack the story. Many great writers have offered similar advice. Ray Bradbury said to write about what you love or hate, then watch your characters run. Great stories are only born out of the emotional conviction of the author. So give it all you’ve got.

Submission Guidelines

We are always interested to hear from authors and publishers in regards to new releases and events. Books must be relevant to the site and be in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk or new weird. We treat e-books the same as published books as long as they have been presented in a professional manner.

To contact the editor with review requests please send through an email including a brief synopsis and outline why you think your book suits this website. If we are interested in reviewing your book we will ask you to attach a Kindle or epub copy as well as any relevant information such as a press release. Emails that include this information will always be responded to. We do not review erotica or vanity projects with too many adjectives. Please contact the editor via our contact page.

We also welcome one-off articles, guest posts, reviews or opinion pieces on subjects relevant to our audience. Have a look at some of the articles before submitting to get an idea for our tone and style. We are slightly irreverent in tone but do publish more serious pieces.

Our site is run by a small group of volunteer bloggers. We are looking for authors to write on topics such as:

  • Fiction
  • Comics
  • Publishing
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Television

If you are interested in writing or have news for Radiant Attack, please email the editor HERE.

Review Criteria

Our review criteria is rated out of 5.

5 Stars – A masterpiece that should be read, watched or played by anyone interested in genre.

4.5 Stars – A particularly strong voice, narrative or idea that contributes new ideas to genre with only minor flaws.

4 Stars – A story that contributes something new or interesting to genre (or is ridiculously enjoyable). Usually books of this quality or above will have a driving narrative, pose philosophical questions or approach a story in an original manner. Or make me laugh. Many times.

3.5 Stars - A story that may not be completely original but offers promise of something greater. Or books, films or TV shows with with original ideas but narrative or technical problems.

3 Stars - Light entertainment that isn’t particularly original, but still enjoyable.

2.5 Stars - Middle of the road work, often with major flaws or plot issues.

2 Stars - Major story departures, disappointments or seriously boring stuff.

1.5 Stars - Grammatical errors, cliches, vanity publishing, unjustified erotica, bad writing. Doggy doo doo.

1 Stars – Call the EPA, there’s a natural disaster.