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Mass Effect 3 Game Review

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Overall 4 / 5 - Pretty damn good
by Dan Lim


Why Hardcore mode is soft: Fallout New Vegas

I had a post apocalyptic weekend, finishing Fallout: New Vegas and watching Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior in the space of 24 hours. It’s obvious that the developers at Obsidian have drawn on Mad Max, in both the detail of the w...
by Kat Clay



Saw meets Se7en: a review of Heavy Rain

For many years game developers have tried to create narrative driven games with multiple outcomes on a limited scale. The 1997 Blade Runner game had a possible 13 endings depending on your interactions with characters and Fina...
by Kat Clay

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Final Fantasy XIII: Why moms are tough (and some stuff about the game)

I bought Final Fantasy XIII on tues when it was released and spent a good two hours playing it. I would have played more, but us poor gamers still gotta work. So here’s my first impressions… The FFXIII story revolves ar...
by Kat Clay



The Secret of Monkey Island… It’s in New Zealand

Kat discovers the Secret of Monkey Island. It's in New Zealand.
by Kat Clay