The Editorial Team

Editor: Kat Clay

Kat Clay is an award-winning photographer and writer from Sydney, Australia. She holds undergraduate degrees in Media Arts and International Studies, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing from UTS. While studying at university, she completed a year abroad in France at the Universite de Poitiers.

Since returning to her motherland, Kat has written magazine articles, as well as being published in academic magazines and online. She is the editor for Radiant Attack, a website dedicated to science fiction, fantasy and weird, and the editor for

Kat is a regular guest reviewer on Eastside FM’s “Between the Covers” book show and is a keen member of Writer’s Bloc, an Australian young writers collective. She speaks five languages and currently lives in South Korea.

TV Writer: Justin Bennett

Justin is a self-confessed n00b, having killed more cattle in Red Dead Redemption than people. But he does like Batman, movie soundtracks and HBO TV shows.

Games Writer: Dan Lim

Dan is a massive geek. His favourite hobby is gaming on pc, console or board. In his spare time he tries to fit in work, Marvel comics, Futurama and Battlestar Galactica.