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May 6, 2010

Weird Fiction News Flash

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Written by: Kat Clay
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There’s been a few bits and pieces on the weird fiction radar lately and since I’ve been doing a lot on video games I thought I better get back to my books. So here goes: Cthullu’s News Desk at nine.

Jeff Vandermeer and his wife Anne have released The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals. They have a special edition for sale here. I haven’t read the book yet, but it sounds intriguing. I’ve read a couple of Jeff Vandermeer’s stories and they’re great, unfortunately there seems to be a real dearth of his books in Australia.

Now to the China Miéville front, and a big fat front that is. He’s just won the Arthur C. Clarke award for The City and the City, which I wrote a review of when it came out here. It makes him the only person to win it three times (damn over-achievers!). Personally, not his best book, but people seem to like it. He’s also finally got a website over at tumblr, but in true Miéville style it is full of slightly incomprehensible yet endearing quotes about socialism and giant squid.

Neil Gaiman is starting a world wide book club, funnily enough on the world wide web of twitter. He’s trying to get thousands of people reading the same book at the same time. They’ll be reading the classic American Gods, one of my Gaiman favourites.

More comic booky, but still weird enough, Mike Mignola is selling prints and original artwork on his website. Yay original Hellboy artwork! So sad that I can’t afford it.

And finally Ben Templesmith is releasing a book on sexy octopus women, called Squidgirls. While I don’t endorse the content, what could make a weird fiction fanboy’s life more complete than a book with naked kraken ladies?

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