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May 26, 2010

If Robin Hood were cast by sci-fi and fantasy writers…

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Written by: Kat Clay
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I saw Robin Hood last week, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. While I really enjoyed the film and the great historical detail, every character seemed to remind me of an author. Maybe it’s a reoccurring trend for science-fiction and fantasy authors to look like they’ve come out of the middle ages. This ridiculous train of thought has brought about one of my most bizarre posts yet. I present to ye, Robin Hood, as cast by famous science fiction and fantasy authors.

Robin Hood – A young Orson Scott Card. The author of Ender’s Game has got the same greying stubble and short cropped hair. Just give him some tights and a bow.

Wipe that silly grin off your face, Orson Scott Card! You're meant to be saving England.

Maid Marion – The ever lovely Margaret Atwood, who has that same air as a medieval Cate Blanchett. And the same kind of floaty brown hair. And plus, she’s old enough now to act in a remake of Robin and Marian.

Maid Marion: A Handmaid's Tale

King Richard – Alan Moore. He’s got the biggest beard factor out of all the sci-fi/fantasy crowd plus the scary eyes. And you can’t be a king if you ain’t got those rings.

Bling King: Alan Moore would make a great King Richard

Prince John – Hands down Audous Huxley, with notable mention for Anthony Burgess. Note the similar menacing stares and terrifying black hair.

The author of the Magna Carta, the Brave New World of it's age.

Queen Elianor of Aquitaine – A no brainer. Ursula K. Le Guin for the distinguished queen mother.

Where's my wimple?

William Marshal – Philip K. Dick. Note the identical grey streak through the beard.

They don't have Nice n' Easy in the middle ages

Godfrey – Perhaps the creepiest resemblance of all is how actor Mark Strong looks almost identical to China Mieville. Plus if there’s ever a bad boy of fantasy, I’d vote for Mr M.

(Ooh, and my copy of Kraken has just arrived…)

Take the L out of bald and you've got bad.

Have you ever seen a movie and thought “That guy looks exactly like…?” Tell me what you think here.

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