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June 5, 2009

Weird News Weekly: 5th June 2009

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Written by: Kat

Some day my fresh prince of bel air will come… Disney’s latest princess movie features a ‘black’ princess, who spends most of the movie as a frog. READ MORE

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters: the video game. READ MORE

An Egyptian man cuts off his penis to protest against his parents choice of bride. READ MORE

Chadians are frying up blood to serve to their children because they can’t afford meat. They call it ‘vampire’. Seriously. READ MORE

Harry Potter + Lego = Awesome. See the trailer HERE.

An interesting blog on art forgeries at the New York Times… because we all wish we could steal art and get away with it. READ MORE

Ooh, controlling an xbox using the body and a camera. It’s new, it’s real and… Hang on, wasn’t there this thing called eyetoy on the PS2? READ MORE

And finally, imaginary friends are good for you. But only when you’re a kid. READ MORE

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