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May 31, 2009

Weird News Weekly: 25th May 2009

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Written by: Kat

Kevin Costner eat your heart out. Astronauts have turned urine into water. Yum. READ MORE

The WOW pod, complete with viking horns and toilet. READ MORE

Can robots ever be like humans? Of course, haven’t you seen Bicentennial Man… They’re annoying and played by Robin Williams. READ MORE

On that note, Italians have brought in Dustbot to collect local rubbish. Obviously, a robot that doesn’t think like a human. It likes to clean. READ MORE

Glow in the dark monkeys! Apparently they’re for science, but according to science fiction, they’re destined to take over the world. READ MORE

Space travel is to replace long haul flights, run by Scorpio industries… I mean Virgin Galactic. READ MORE

Cyberwar – no it’s not Matthew Broderick. Military recruits are now being trained in hacking and cyber attacks. READ MORE

A brief explanation of Star Trek, because I couldn’t be bothered writing one. READ MORE

Let’s go fly an armchair! In celebration of the new Pixar film, UP! Some armchair balloonists went for a ride. READ MORE

True story: Madonna to marry Jesus. While it’s not that weird considering the people involved, this is probably the headline of the year. READ MORE

And finally, a man has given birth to his twin, through his belly button. How Alien of him. READ MORE

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